Formed Plastic Letters

Formed plastic letters have the most versatility.  They are the standard for most local businesses, but can also be found on financial institutions, office parks, as well as many national retail chains.  FPLs are constructued from a renewable resource, cellulose acetate butyrate. These letters endure even in the harshest conditions.   Formed plastic letters are available in over 140 standard styles and 40 standard colors. Using inexpensive molds, it is easy to customize a letter style or logo for the perfect 3D sign.  You can choose from flat, round, prismatic or sculptured faces and letter height up to 60".  The Minnesota S Type FPL have sharp clean lines and crisp returns for letters from 2" to 18". 
Simple Installations For Any Mounting Surface

Gloss & Flat Finishes / Translucent Colors
Formulated for LED Illumination


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